Reaching Green Thumbs of Roanoke -- First Blog

Green Roof Landscape Supply welcomes you to our landscape store. Although it's a little different from an ordinary brick & mortar store, we still want to greet you with smiling faces and the highest quality of landscape materials. This blog is here to help with any questions and education in buying landscape materials online. 

How does this work? 

  • Precisely like a typical landscape store, let us know what bulk materials you want, how much you need for the project, and when you want your materials to be delivered. Unlike a store, we save the hassle of using a truck & trailer or the precious time to get materials. We will keep your time & save the aggravation by having quality materials delivered to any home or job site. 

What does Green Roof Supply sell? 

  • We are an online landscape supplier for mulch, soil, & gravel. In the future, we will expand our product inventory into other products like sand, pine straw, firewood, and nursery trees & shrubs to better serve our customers. 

How can I ensure I'm getting the number of materials I order? 

  • Our loaders are equipped with a 1-yard bucket for mulch, so there is no guesswork involved. When purchasing Rock, our trucks are weighed empty and reweighed loaded to ensure that same precision. Every order is loaded by management and ensured for accuracy. Ask us for a scale ticket! 

Where do these landscape materials come from? 

  • "Top-Secret" is not the case with Green Roof Supply. With our friends across the state & neighboring states, we often use the same supplier as big-name landscape stores around Roanoke. Often we pay more for higher quality materials from our suppliers to ensure the best line of landscaping materials for projects.

How do you deliver?  

  • Using a dump truck or dump trailer, we can dump materials in a place that is most convenient for you and have easy access to your home or job site. Place a tarp down, or as we suggest, place bulk materials on a hard surface such as asphalt or concrete.

Can I pickup? 

  • Unfortunately, material pickup is unavailable at this time. We hope to have a public location near time to allow our customers to pick up, but for now, we offer delivery only. Happily, we can often offer delivery for a price that won't break your landscape budget!

How do I purchase? 

  • It's so simple to purchase and schedule a delivery! 
  • First, add desired materials and quantities to my cart and proceed to checkout. The delivery costs will be determined.

How do I schedule a delivery?

  • Select a convenient delivery time/date before checkout. 

When is Green Roof Supply open? 

  • You can order & schedule project materials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, right here on our website! Delivery times are open Monday - Saturday from 8 am - 6 pm Eastern Time.

Have a question? 

So if you are a little skeptical of this new "Green Roof Supply," don't worry we are here to help change your thoughts on a traditional landscape supply store.

Currently, in 2021, Green Roof Supply is ALL ONLINE, and our goal is to innovate this industry (PLUS answer any questions you may have along the way). This store has been opened to help you from DIYers, weekend warriors, landscape companies, & seasoned vets.

With dedicated three generations in the landscaping industry, we will serve you and ensure you have all your landscaping needs covered for any project. 

Roanoke, we ask you to join us under our roof and from our hearts ❤️; thank you for your support.